ASEAN Glass Associations Summit 2018

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14 November 2018

01:00 PM - 03:45 PM

MITEC, Kuala Lumpur



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ASEAN Glass Associations Summit 2018 will be a gathering of prominent glass associations from around the region.

Consisting of paper presentations and a panel discussion with panelists representing the glass associations from around the region, AGAS is a conference not-to-be-missed!



14 November 2018 1:00PM - 3:45PM

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Opening Address:

Mr Gan Geok Chua

Chairman of Singapore Glass Association

Executive Director of Singapore Safety Glass


Keynote Speaker:

Construction Outlook and Flat Glass Outlook for ASEAN

Mr Nikhil Vallabhan

Principal Consultant

Chemicals, Materials & Food
Frost & Sullivan


Session Speaker:

Tempered Laminated Glass in Facades: Quality Challenges and Possibilities from The Field  

Mr Miika Äppelqvist


Flat Tempering, Glaston Finland OY


Panel Discussion


Mr Yustinus Gunawan


Indonesia Flat & Safety Glass Association

Asosiasi Kaca Lembaran Dan Pengaman Indonesia (AKLP)



Mr Gan Geok Chua, Chairman of Singapore Glass Association

Ms Woo Wan Zheng, President of Malaysia Glass Association

Mr Sim Chee Liang, President of Safety Glass Processors Association of Malaysia

Mr Putra Najardin, Chairman of Indonesia Flat & Safety Glass Association (AKLP)

Mr K. Wirat Leewairoj, President of Thai Plate Glass Industry Association 

Mr Thang Ngu Yen, Secretary General of Vietnam Glass Association

Mr Ronilo C. Matas, National President of Flat Glass Alliance of the Philippines

Mr Ricky Ang, President of The Philippine Chamber of Glass & Aluminum Industries, Inc. (PCGAII)



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Topic: Construction Outlook and Flat Glass Outlook for ASEAN

Mr Nikhil Vallabhan

Principal Consultant

Frost & Sullivan



The construction industry is on a strong growth trajectory in certain parts of ASEAN. Within this massive industry, commercial, residential, retail and infrastructure projects are all growing at different rates in different countries. The growth of flat glass is closely tied to the growth in these various segments. Frost & Sullivan will provide an outlook on both the construction industry as well as the flat glass market in ASEAN and will highlight a few hotspots in the region which could show higher growth rates. We will also briefly talk about the potential substitution of flat glass by Smart Glass in the near and medium term.

Topic: Tempered and Laminated glass in facades: quality challenges and possibilities from the field

Mr Miika Äppelqvist

Director, BU Flat tempering

Glaston Finland Oy


Miika Äppelqvist is a glass heat-treatment specialist who has worked in different management positions in glass heat-treatment and safety glass area.

During the past 10 years he has been involved in the development and market launch of the latest glass tempering and laminated technologies.

Currently he is head of Flat tempering Business Unit in Glaston Corporation.



For the joy of us in the glass industry, the use of glass in building facade has increased steadily for many years, and the growth is forecasted to continue globally.

The growth has meant increase in use of both tempered and laminated glass. Specially lamination growth has gained momentum in the recent years. This growth has been fueled by three main factors: safety regulations, more creative architecture designs and the increasing use of glass as a structural element.

The growth has, however, not fixed the quality issues that we still can see even in new buildings. This presentation addresses how tempered and laminated glasses are being used today in building facades and what the common challenges within them. And more importantly, what are the issue glass processors should concentrate on, to avoid these challenges.  

Glass use increase in buildings will continue to provide business opportunities for glass processors. However, with all the ongoing trends there are many things to consider when coping with increased demand and new solutions. This presentation will give practical tools for matching the market requirement with tempered and laminated glass.