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Address  : Rue de la Grande Couture, 14

                 B-7503 Froyennes


Tel         : (32) 69889670

Fax        : (32) 69889677

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Simtech is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company which designs, manufactures and supplies:

1) Comprehensive solutions for the glass laminating process (automotive, architectural, safety) within its flexlam® range, including reusable vacuum rubber bags, self-heating reusable vacuum bags (allowing laminating without oven), trolley design, vacuum pumps, & accessories (vacuum hoses, connectors).

2) For the handling of hollow glass (bottles & jars) and PET bottles, within its flexgrip® range including gripper tubes (pneumatic grippers or airbags), vacuum heads and vacuum plates for container palletizing machines. Simtech also offers foam coated belts, wheels & rollers for container inspection machines.