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SCHOLZ develops complete autoclave systems for the production of laminated safety glass. Our competence in this segment is documented with over 40 years of experience and more than 600 delivered systems to renowned glass manufacturers worldwide. The fabrication of autoclaves with diameters of up to 9.85m and the delivery of around 500,000 Quick Closing Doors worldwide underline the company’s global leadership on the market. We aim to fulfil our customer’s requests however unusual they may be, from the aerospace and automotive industry to the glass and building materials industries right up to all related areas of autoclave technology

BENTELER is proud to offer an array of machines and entire line assemblies for your glass processing needs, including: Washing, Drilling and Double-edging Machines, CNC Processing Centres as well as Laminating Lines.

The TecLine Generation of BENTELER machines offers standardized machine concepts for flat glass processing as a cost effective and high performance alternative to customized lines.