UNGRICHT Roller + Engraving Technology                                  D11

Address      : Karstrasse 90 41068 Mönchengladbach Germany

Tel              : 0049 2161 359-0

Fax             : 0049 2161 359-100

Email          : info@ungricht.de

URL            : www.UNGRICHT.de


UNGRICHT Roller + Engraving Technology from Monchengladbach, Germany, is a specialist of manufacturing and engraving of rollers for various industries and in special for Cast Glass production process. The family owned company today has more than 200 employees and is the leading European supplier for embossing rollers. UNGRICHT has complete in-house manufacturing process for roller production and different engraving technologies which are needed to manufacture there very precise rollers used for PV + Solar Glass, Figures Glass, Glass Ceramic, Glass doors, Partition walls, Furniture, Shower cabins, Windows, Ceramics stove tops and more.