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Vesuvius, the world leading manufacturer of Fused Silica Products, the high quality ZYAROCK @ rolls, blocks, saggar, pot, crucibles etc are widely used in the Glass Melting, Glass transformation, Metallurgy, Non Ferrous and even the Solar Industries.

Products range include:

a) Glass Melting includes, fused silica LOR and lehr rolls, big screen blocks, tweels, flat arches, heat resistance fused silica refractories.

b) Glass processing: fused silica rolls in Smartly Driven® end cap that withstand temperature up to 350C, patented metallic end cap rolls up to 550C; Bending plate for automotive glass production.

c) Metallurgy: fused silica products for galvanizing and silicon steel production.

d) Solar® crucibles in RTU (ready to use coate crucibles) for multi  crystalline silicone ingot production.

e) Solar® rolls for:-

    i. Solar thin film production (CdTe;CIGS etc)

    ii. Solar cell diffusion furnaces etc

f) Fused silica tray/ saggar for special application such as catalyst, rare earth etc.

If you need any high purity, non-contaminate for high temperature application, do look up for us, we are more than happy to service you.