GUANGDONG ZHAOQING HUISDA HARDWARE PRODUCTS CO., LTD                                                                                         B19

Address  : Jinxin Road, Jinsheng Industrial Park,

                Jinli Town, Gaoyao,

                Guangdong 526105 China

Tel          : 86 758 8576263

Fax         : 86 758 8573656

HUISDA is a door control products manufacturer which specializing in researching and developing high quality floor spring, door closer, stainless steel glass patch fitting, glass door lock, glass door handle, glass shower hinge and so on.

Huisda has standardized production workshop and a modern office building, with the international advanced level of automation plane and the production line, leading to the Management technology, standardized to create first-class products and services.

We are focused attention due to specialty, professional design and professional production.