ZHENGZHOU DEZHONG CORUNDUM MATERIALS CO., LTD                                                                             J04

Address  : Yuhuangmiao Village,

                Goutong Town, Xinmi City,

                 452370 Henan, China

Tel           : 15093312188

Fax          : 0371 69253688

Email       : lvhongwei0123@vip.126.com

URL         : www.dzza.cn

Our company, Zhengzhou Dezhong Corundum Materials Co., Ltd. is located in central plai----Zhangzhou, Henan province, is an enterprise that developing, selling and producing fused AZS products. We have professional team and mature technology to provide quality fused refractory products for glass manufacturers all over the word.

Our Company is mainly producing fused cast zircon-corundum products and α-β corundum products with oxidizing processing (includes AZS33#, AZS36#, AZS41#). We adopted advanced technology and facilities, annual production capacity can reach to 20000 tons, products quality can fully meet internal standards even exceeds international standards.