Join our Hosted Buyer Programme
to maximise your time in our exhibition.

Our hosted buyer programme is a unique and effective programme that makes it easy for top quality buyers to attend the show. Once qualified, we will organise the itinerary for these key buyers including their travel to the show and accommodation in Singapore.

Benefits of participating in the Hosted Buyer Programme: 

Hosted buyer will receive:

  • One (1) return air ticket with economy base per visiting company
  • Hotel accommodation for two (2) nights per visiting company
  • Admission to exhibition hall on all three (3) show days
  • Accorded with a complimentary Hosted Buyer VIP pass
  • Invitation to Welcome Reception and business appointments with exhibitors
  • Access to Networking Session and Opening Ceremony
  • Access to Business Matching Lounge on the exhibit floor providing refreshments

Requirements for the Hosted Buyer Programme:

Buyer(s) must fulfil the following criteria:

  • You must be an active buyer of equipment and services covering all areas of the Building, Construction and Glass industry
  • Attend a minimum of five (5) pre-scheduled appointments with our exhibitors during GA & FA’17 exhibit hours
  • Must have the potential for future business – nominee must be able to provide information on projects that have in the future

    Buyers Self-Nomination
    If you are seeking the following products and services, the Hosted Buyers Programme would be the right avenue for you to seek your potential suppliers and business partners.

    Artistic Glass Production Equipment
    Automobile Glass / Equipment / Machinery
    Bending Equipment
    Cooling Systems
    Decorating Tools
    Drilling Equipment
    Edging & Beveling Equipment
    Handling Equipment
    Instrument Control Systems
    Insulating Glass Machinery
    Laminating Equipment
    Melting Equipment
    Mirror Production Machinery
    Packaging Equipment
    Plant Utilities
    Polishing & Finishing Equipment
    Sealing Equipment
    Recycling Equipment
    Straight Edge & Shape Cutting Equipment
    Tempering Equipment
    Washing Equipment
    Window / Door Fabrication Machinery

    Ancillary Equipment for Furnances
    Auxiliary & Operating Materials
    Batching Equipment
    Coating Technology
    Cold-End Technology
    Computer Systems
    Conveying, Transport, Packing & Warehouse Technology
    Glass Fibre Production Machinery
    Glass Forming Equipment
    Glass Melting Technology
    Glass Tube Production Machinery
    Measuring & Testing Equipment
    Raw Materials

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Contact  : Ms Zann Wong
Email     :
Tel         : +65 6278 8666 (Ext.120)
Submission Deadline: 30 September 2017

Note: Acceptance of the submitted applications is at the discretion of the Organisers.


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