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Glaston is a leading company in glass processing technologies. We provide high-quality heat treatment machines and services for architectural, solar, appliance and automotive applications. We are committed to our customers’ success over the entire lifecycle of our offering. Moreover, we continuously innovate and develop technologies to enable the glass processing industry to reach ever higher standards in quality and safety. Glaston’s share (GLA1V) is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Small Cap List. For more information, please visit:



1. Glass Processing & Finishing

- Cleaning Technology

- Cutting, Breaking & Snapping Technology

- Drilling Technology

- Edge & Surface Finishing Technology

- Forming & Bending Technology

- Safety Glass Technology

- Suppliers for the Glass Machinery Industry

2. Tools, Replacement & Spare Parts, Auxiliary Equipment & Fittings

- Cutting, Grinding and Drilling Tools

- Replacement Part, Wearing Parts

3. Measurement, Testing & Control Technology

-  Measurement & Control Technology, Sensoring