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Our company Beng Chuan Machine Pte Ltd that has been in business air compressor for the past 23 years.

We are one of the supplier of compressed air equipment and systems in Singapore today. Beng Chuan was incorporated in 1993 and offers a wide range of high quality, state-of-the-art machineries together with a varsity of complimentary services.

A quality service work begins with a solid service management principles. Our engineers thoroughly study the application and question everything before carry out a service job. This thoroughness is evident in Final product or Job done. The result is always a quality and extremely reliable.

Our specialise in:-

- Trading of all Brands / Types of new / used Air Compressor and Air Dryer

- Air Compressor Rental more than 100 units.

- Air Compressor Service and Repair

- Installation of new Stainless / galvanised steel air pipeline

- Dismantle and shifting of air pipeline and air compressor equipment

- Application of MOM Certificate for air compressor equipment

- Selling of Food Grade Oil



1. Glass Production/ Production Technique

    - Auxiliary & Operating Materials

    - Coating Technology for Hollow Glass

    - Cold End Technology for Float Glass, Laminated Glass, Wired Glass & Other Types of Flat Glass

    - Equipment for Glass Fibre Production

    - Equipment for Glass Tube Production

    - Forming for Flat Glass

    - Forming for Hollow Glass

    - Raw Material for Glass Production

2. Glass Processing & Finishing

    - Environmental Protection/ Recycling

    - Forming & Bending Technology

    - Insulation Glass Technology

    - Laser Technology

    - Suppliers for the Glass Machinery Industry

3. Glass Products & Applications

    - Extrusions

4. Tools, Replacement & Spare Parts, auxiliary Equipment & Fittings

    - Glazing Tools

5. Research & Teaching, Trade Literature, Trade Associations & Organizations

    - Test Institutes