KL-MEGLA GMBH                                                                   S26

Address            : Wecostrasse 15

                          53783 Eitorf Germany

Tel                    : +49 2243 92300 0

Fax                   : +49 2243 92300 36

Email                : info@kl-megla.de

URL                  : www.kl-megla.de


KL-megla is a leading manufacturing-company which is operation worldwide with locations in Europe, Asia and America. Our company with headquarter in Germany enjoys an excellent reputation since 1917 and is all over the world well known as “the innovation company”.

KL-megla is manufacturer of high end hinges especially for interieur glass products. Our versatile range of shower door hinges, door systems, partition walls, canopies, fixing points and many more is used in quantities of dirrerent references as Airport Cologne/ Bonn, Japanese National Museum Tokyo, San Francisco International Airport, Seattle International Airport and many more.


Product Listing:

1. Glass Products & Applications

    - Extrusions

    - Other Glasses

2. Tools, Replacement & Spare Parts, Auxiliary Equipment & Fittings

    - Brackets for Glass Applications

3. Contracting, Consulting, Engineering

    - Contracting, Consulting, Engineering

4. Others

    - Fittings for Interior Glass Systems