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                          E-Terrace Singapore 757507

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Based in Singapore, Estron Marketing Pte Ltd specializes in the supply of architectural hardware for glazier industries. With an extensive and comprehensive range of products such as door hardware, glass fittings & accessories, movable glass partition systems and semi-auto door systems, we are able to offer our customers a one-stop solution to all their door control.

Estron Marketing Pte Ltd has accumulated more than 10 years of combined expertise and knowledge. Our philosophy of providing products offerings both efficiency & state-of-the-art safety features has distinguished us as the top choice in Singapore. In fact, the ESTRONTM brand of floor spring, shower hinges, sliding door gears and movable glass partition systems are known as the leading door hardware specialist for door fittings in this glazier industry.

To maintain our competitive advantages, we are constantly expanding the range of our product inventories, improvising on our current products, value-adding our services and improving on our cost efficiency so as to serve our valued customers better. Forging ahead, our key focus lies in the further development of our people, products and operational capabilities. With sound strategies and a continuous emphasis on adapting to all kinds of architecture, Estron Marketing Pte Ltd is poised to expand even more.



1. Glass Products & Applications

    - Mechanical Locking Systems (for windows/ doors/ gates)

    - Other Glasses

    - Structural Use of Glass

2. Tools, Replacement & Spare Parts, Auxiliary Equipment & Fittings

    - Brackets for Glass Applications

    - Glazing Tools

3. Others

    - Door Hardware

    - Folding Door

    - Shower Enclosure