IPROTEC GMBH                                                                       J05

Address            : Dr.-Schott-Straẞe 35

                          94227 Zwiesel Germany

Tel                    : +49 992298 676

Fax                   : +49 9922882 676

Email                : info@iprotec-gmbh.com

URL                  : www.iprotec-gmbh.com 


The history of IPROTEC GmbH is based on the development, design and construction of machines for glass production. With the constant further development of the regional glass industry the company grew into an efficient producer of systems and machines in this field.

After the company moved from Grafenau to Zwiesel onto the company premises of Zwiesel Kristallglas AG and the thereby associated synergistic effects, we were able to further expand our technical competence in the mechanical and plant engineering sector for the glass industry.

Together with Zwiesel Kristallglas AG we have developed a great number of patents in the field of (drinking) glass production. As a result, we are able to produce complete manufacturing plants for you. The basis for this is our highly qualified personnel, who support you with professional knowledge and technical process know-how.



1. Glass Production/ Production Technique

    - Conveying, Transport, Packaging & Warehouse Technology

    - Forming for Hollow Glass

2. Glass Processing & Finishing

    - Cutting, Breaking & Snapping Technology

    - Forming & Bending Technology

    - Laser Technology

3. Glass Products & Applications

    - Glass Bricks

    - Other Glasses

4. Tools, Replacement & Spare arts, Auxiliary Equipment & Fittings

    - Handling Tools, Handed-guided

5. Measurement, Testing & Control Technology

    - Measurement & Control Technology, Sensoring

6. Others

    - Complete Stem ware Production Lines