OBEIKAN GLASS COMPANY                                                    S20

Address            : 303, Woodrose, Hiranandani Meadows,

                          Thane, Mumbai, India – 400610

Address            : P.O.Box 30083, Yanbu

                          30083 Kingdom of Saudi Arabis

Email                : p.shirodkar@obeikan.com.sa

URL                  : www.obeikan.com.sa


Obeikan Glass is the largest manufacturing facility of its kind in the Middle East with a manufacturing capacity of 820 tons per day capable of producing all standard and jumbo sizes of clear glass in a thickness range from 3mm to 12mm. moreover, Obeikan can produce glass confirming to best known international standards including JIS, ASTM, SIRIM, Australian Standards and European EN.

Obeikan Glass has been supplied to more than 60 countries worldwide across all 6 continents. Countries include USA, Europe, India, Singapore, Taiwan and New Zealand.



1.Glass Products & Applications

   - Automotive Glass

   - Flat Glass