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“STRON” is the world-renowned glass cutting equipment brand with leading technology in glass industry. STRON company staff has been committed to serving glass deep-processing industry, to creating elite glass cutting products. Adhering to the company “The Machine of Quality” of corporate culture, STRON staff work conscientiously and hardly to create valued products to our honorable customers. “Excellent quality, Hundred percent service” is always in STRON staff hearts.

STRON has always been committed to maintaining a leading core technology of glass cutting area and expanding a broader future space in glass deep-processing industry; with the core technology in machine design and control system, STRON have been in the frontier of Chinese glass cutting machine area since the brand begins. Engineers maintain a high degree of rigor and innovation state, to ensure that any one of STRON equipment have best precision, efficient and stability.



1. Glass Processing & Finishing

    - Cutting, Breaking & Snapping Technology