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I am Benjamin Ng from Wah Wei Glass & Aluminium Pte Ltd. Our company is the distributor of NABCO automatic glass doors which boasts safety, durability and smart long-term usage. We are not only the distributor but also the installers for both automatic door systems and glass. We can also do a complete replacement from the old systems, besides installing at new locations. We have both our installer and maintenance team on 24 hours standby for assistance.

NABCO Automatic Doors System originate from Japan and is one of the pioneer automatic doors system operator in Japan and also in Singapore. NABCO Automatic Doors System is not only just Automatic door but it boasts safety, smart usage and durability. Our sensor device is considered one of the highest technology devices in Japan. It is an ECO-friendly system which enhances air conditioning efficiency thereby saving power; and also has the ability to detect pedestrians who stop at the doorway, instead of opening to passerby pedestrians, so as to secure pedestrian safely. We have a wide variety of different systems, NAX system (Air Tight Door), Breakout Door, Push Button Switch (or Multipurpose Toilet Door Unit), Telescopic and many more.



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