WALTEC MASCHINEN GMBH                                                   J02

Address            : Kronacher Str. 2a

                          Wilhelmsthal 96352 Germany

Tel                    : +49 9260 9901 0

Fax                   : +49 9260 9901 99

Email                : info@waltec.de

URL                  : www.waltec.de


We design, construct, manufacture and supply MACHINES FOR THEGLASS INDUSTRY.

Production programme:

FULLY AUTOMATIC PRODUCTION LINES WITH PLC/CNC ELECTRONIC CONTROL FOR tableware, spinning articles, stemware, press-blow articles, blow-blow articles, toughening/ tempering, microwave and technical articles, washing machine glasses, cold light reflectors, glass insulators, glass block

Quadruple Gob lines

Triple Gob lines

Double Gob lines

Single Gob lines

Spinning Gob lines

Stemware lines

Press-Blow lines

Blow-Blow lines

Toughening/ Tempering lines



1. Glass Production/ Production Technique

    - Forming for Hollow Glass

2. Contracting, Consulting, Engineering

    - Contracting, Consulting, Engineering