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Beijing Pujinli Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading specialized company engaged in research and development on CNC glass cutting machine for more than ten years. Pujinli has been committed to research and development on new-style glass cutting technology since establishment, and it has done the best to create more practical value, to reach the standard of many developed countries. Putec CNC glass cutting Line, high precision, high stability and long machine life has won customers’ good feedback from all of the world. Low-e coat deletion, labell printer, rotation glass racks and Liner motor glass cutting line are provided by Putec. Welcome to know about and join us. Contact: 



1. Glass Production/ Production Technique

     - Forming for Flat Glass

2. Glass Processing & Finishing

    - Cutting, Breaking & Snapping Technology

3. Contracting, Consulting, Engineering

    - Contracting, Consulting, Engineering