HEBEI XUANKUN REFRACTORY MATERIAL TECHNOLOGY AND DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD                                                    D20

Address            : The Southern part of Beichengzhai Village,

                          Xingtang Town, Shijiazhuang City,

                          Hebei Province, 050603 China

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Email                : admin@xkrefractorybrick.com

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Hebei Xuankun Refractory Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established in 1992. Our company owns two large silica mines with great reserves our main products are 96A high quality silica bricks, glass kiln silica bricks, coke oven silica bricks, hot blast stove silica bricks, zero thermal expansion silica bricks, silica refractory mortar, silica sand, silica powder, feldspar powder and various refractory materials.



1. Glass Production/ Production Technique

   - Refractory


2. Research & Teaching, Trade Literature, Trade Association & Organizations

   - Research Institutes & Projects