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Address            : Add: Room 405, 11 Building Yingcui,

                           ZhongTianGuoji Garden,

                           Jiangmen Guangdong 52900 China

Tel                    : +86 750 3894 848

Fax                   : +86 750 3823 969

Email                : sales2@huafaglass.com

URL                  : www.huafaglass.com


JIANGMEN LANGRI TRADING CO., LTD.  is specialized in the copper-free silver mirrors with various color, antique mirrors, silver mirror, colored mirrors, black painted mirrors, deep processing of glass products and whole sale of glass. Our products cover the market all over the world, as well as China.  They are widely used in the high grade furniture, construction, decoration, and art glass, etc.


1. Others

    - Copper Free Silver Mirror

    - Colored Mirror

    - Antique Mirror