RIDER GLASS CO., LTD                                                           F03

Address            : 22D, Ying De Long Tower,

                          No. 15 West Dong Hai Road,

                          Qingdao 266071 China

Tel                    : +86 532 8387 3000

Fax                   : +86 532 8388 1333

Email                : jenny@riderglass.com

URL                  : www.riderglass.com


Rider Glass manufactures and exports a variety of glass and mirror products for architectural, automotive, decorative and residential uses. We export raw and processed glass to more than 126 countries on 6 continents and have been doing so for more than 24 years. Our professionally trained warehouse staff ensures that your glass is safety loaded so that it reaches its destination in the same perfect condition in which it left our production facility/. We are constantly evolving our packing and loading techniques to ensure easier off-loading, minimal breakage, and other safeguards to combat seasonal changes in climate. Our wide assortment of both raw and processed glass products in various colors and customizable options make it even easier to make all your glass purchasing decisions from one supplier.



1. Glass Production/ Production Technique

    - Cold End Technology for Float Glass, Laminated Glass, Wired Glass & Other Types of Flat Glass

    - Forming for Flat Glass

    - Forming for Hollow Glass

2. Glass Processing & Finishing

    - Edge & Surface Finishing Technology

    - Safety Glass technology

3. Glass Products & Applications

    - Automotive Glass

    - Flat Glass

    - Glass Bricks

    - Other Glasses

4. Others

    - Float Glass, Reflective Glass, Mirrors, Laminated Glass, Tempered Glass, Low-E Glass, Patterned Glass, Insulated Glass.