HSCC LIMITED                                                                         K13

Address            : Jindu, Zhaoqing,

                          Guangdong 526108 China

Tel                    : +86 186 2007 9515

Email                : jimmy.li@hscc1.com


Premium Glass Fittings

  • Premium Architectural Hardware
  • Glass door and partitions solutions
  • Shower Screen Solutions
  • Balustrade Solutions

From design proposals to the complete realization of the project, HSCC Team is dedicated to offer the suitable and unique solution to our partners.

With more than 15 years of experience in the Construction Industry, our achievements in the Architectural suitable and unique solution to our partners.

Our product lines includes:

  • Door partitioning systems
  • Exclusives shower door lines
  • Premium interior and exterior Balustrade and Railing solutions


Product Listing:

  1. Windows: Aluminium Windows and Doors, Steel Windows
  2. Facades and Curtain Walls: Aluminium Curtain Walls and Glass Curtain Walls
  3. Others: Glass Fittings