KBST PTE LTD                                                                         N24

Address            : 16, New Industrian Road,

                          #04-04 Hudson Technocentre

                          536204 Singapore

Fax                   : +65 6280 1510

Email                : samchoo@kb-gp.com

URL                  : www.kbpvb.com


KBST is a Singapore registered company was founded in March 2017. This is a Taiwanese and Singaporean invested company with full support from KingBoard PVB (a Hong Kong based corporation under the group umbrella, Kingboard Chemical Holdings Ltd – a public listed company in Hong Kong).  

KBST is supplying PBVB film for laminated glass to glass processing companies in SouthEast Asia. The PVB film comes directly from the two PVB manufacturing plants of KingBoard (KB) factories located in GuangDong province, China.

KB PVB is one of the biggest PVB Manufacturers and also the first PVB manufacturer using 100% virgin resin in production without recycle material in China. With 5 production lines, more than 500 workforce, producing film and resin up to 18 million sqm and 14,000 ton per year, respectively. The production and products are under high standard management and tight quality control as the company has been awarded and recognized by ISO9001, 14001 & TS-16949 management systems standard.

Every roll of PVB from KN PVB has to undergo a series of online and lab inspection before delivery. Testing include moisture content, pummel, boiling, anti-radiation, anti-penetration…etc. these testing assure KB PVB achieve European and others’ standards, such as ANSIZ97.1, ECE R-43 & EN 12593. We are able to guarantee the film is at international level in mechanical, optical and durability performance.