The Green Building Seminar

In conjunction with

Towards Sustainable Facade

16 November 2018

08.30AM - 12:30PM

Registration can be done at the venue

GBI Points: 2 Points

Registration Fees:

MGBC Member- RM150

Affliated Member- RM 180

Public- RM 200


Most of the time, façades are associated with aesthetics of a building without much consideration of the sustainable aspects.  A well-designed façade system can actually boost the overall building performance.

In respond to the challenges of global climatic changes, smart building façade is gaining popularity in the form of automated façade systems which reduce energy consumption, improve the indoor comfort level and maintain indoor environmental quality.  These smart façades are basically a dynamic and flexible system which is acclimated to outdoor environment or weather change. It also takes care of the occupant needs while balancing the thermal impact with respect to climatic conditions throughout the year.

In short, smart façade couple with right materials and right construction method can acts as an essential barrier between comfortable indoor and uncontrolled outdoor, thereby creating high performance built-environment.

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