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Address            : No. 11 Shandong Road,

                          Qingdao 266034 China

Tel                    : +86 532 6600 9841

Fax                   : +86 532 6699 0842

Email                : cindy@qdhugeasia.com

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QINGDAO HUGEASIA INDUSTRY CO., LTD is one of the main glass manufacturers and exporters in China. We are dedicated to providing solution in glass products including architectural glass, decorative glass and mirror in domestic market and overseas market. Our target is to supply customers with superior quality materials, best after sale service and professional logistics support. “Always adhering to meet customers’ requirements” is our motto.


Product Listing:

  1. Glass Products & Applications: Mechanical Locking Systems (for windows/ doors/gates), Other Glasses, Worked Flat Glass