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Our company is specialized in manufacturing the Smart Film, Smart Glass and Nano-Ceramic Heat- Insulating Energy-Efficient Series Product: PVB, EVA, laminated glass and Low-R Glass. The latest product, called Low-R Glass, not only has low-reflection, high transmittance and thermal insulation but also can be used for single piece. Smart glass is a new type of special glass which when the power is on, it will become transparent and when the power is off, it will become opaque. It has privacy protection and projection function. The Nano-Ceramic Heat- Insulating Energy-Efficient Series Product have lower reflection, higher transmittance and heat rejection rate.


Product Listing:

  1. Glass Production/ Production Technique: Cold End Technology for Float Glass, Laminated Glass, Wired Glass & Other Types of Flat Glass
  2. Others: Low-R Glass, Smart Film, Smart Glass, EVA, Nano-Ceramic Energy-Efficient PVB, Nano-Ceramic Energy-Efficient Glass