XINYI ENERGY SMART (M) SDN BHD                                       E13

Address            : Plot 23A & B, Elkay Industrial Park

                          Lipat Kajang, 77000 Jasin,

                          Melaka Malaysia

Tel                    : +606 5309 640

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Xinyi Glass Holding Limited, a major supplier in the global supply chain, was founded in 1988 and listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in February 2005. (Stock Code:00868.HK)

Xinyi is the world’s leading integrated glass manufacturer which covers a wide range of products including high quality float glass, automobile glass, architectural glass and electronic glass. Xinyi has 7 industrial bases in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Jiangmen, Wuhu, Tianjin, Yingkou, Deyang, with total area of over 5.3 million square meters and around 12,000 employees.


Product Listing:

  1. Glass Production: Raw Material for Glass Production
  2. Glass Processing & Finishing: Coating Technology
  3. Glass Products & Applications: Automotive Glass, Flat Glass, Other Glasses, Solar Technology
  4. Others: Clear Float Glass, Low Iran Float Glass, Tinted Glass, Soft Coated Reflective Glass Low-E glass