Ebcotech Pte Ltd                                                                     M05

Address            : 151 Chin Swee Road

                          #01-39 Manhattan House

                          169876 Singapore

Fax                   : +603 6280 6222

Email                : johnsonteo@ebco2u.com.my

URL                  : www.ebco2u.com.my


Overseas Principal/ Local Agent

Bottero S.p.A

Address            : Via Genova 82

                          Cuneo 12100 Italy

Tel                    : +39 171 310 611

Fax                   : +39 171 401 611

Email                : bottero@bottero.com

URL                  : www.bottero.com


Mitra Makmur Perkasa

Address            : Pertokoan Hwi Lindeteves Lantai 3

                          Blok C No. 2

                          Jl. Hayam Wuruk 100

                          11180 Indonesia

Tel                    : +62 21 626 4574

Email                : pancamitra@ymail.com



Ebcotech Machinery Sdn Bhd is founded at KL in 1997, we are one of the Malaysia’s most experienced agent for glass processing machines and accessories. Our key personals have over 30 combined years of technical and sales experiences in glass industry, handling machines ranging from glass processing machines to aluminum processing machines. We can assist our clients in machine service, routine maintenance, minor machine modification and major overhaul etc. We also able to assist our new customer to setup glass processing factory, provide training to operators, problems solving during production and provide free consultation service to our customers.

In 2014, we set up Ebcotech Pte Ltd in Singapore to take care to SouthEast Asia market. Provide a good service always is the first aim of Ebcotech.


Bottero S.p.A

With more than 60 years of experience, Bottero is the world’s only company leading the glass manufacturing market in three sectors: flat glass, hollow glass and engineering. Born in 1957 in Italy, Bottero started its production with few but innovative cutting tables in flat glass. In 1996 it began to manufacture hollow glass equipment and today it is able to design and install customized production lines from float glass to laminate to solar and so on. Thanks to the solutions range, the advanced technologic components and the quality of its customer service. Bottero has grown ad established at worldwide level.


Product Listing:

  1. Glass Production: Auxiliary & Operating Materials, Coating Technology for Hollow Glass, Cold End Technology for Float Glass, Laminated Glass, Wired Glass & Other Types of Flat Glass, Conveying, Transport, Packaging & Warehouse Technology, Forming for Flat Glass, Forming for Hollow glass, Preparation of Raw Materials & Batches, Refractory
  2. Glass Processing/ Finishing: Auxiliary Products, Cleaning Technology, Coating Technology, Cutting, Breaking & Snapping Technology, Drilling Technology, Edge & Surface Finishing Technology, Electronic Display Glass Technology, Environmental Protection/ Recycling, Forming & bending Technology, Insulation Glass Technology, Laser Technology, Safety Glass Technology, Supplier for the Glass Machinery Industry
  3. Glass Products & Applications: Automotive Glass, Electrical & Electronic Safety & Security Technology, Flat Glass, Glass & Minerals Fibres, Other Glasses, Refines Glass, Solar technology, Structural Use of Glass, Technical Processing, Treatment, Finishing Design, Worked Flat Glass
  4. Machinery: Aluminium Profile Processing Machine, Glass Processing Machine
  5. Tools, Replacement & Spare parts, Auxiliary Equipment & Fittings: Cutting, Grinding and Drilling Tools, Glazing Tools, Handling Tools, Handed-Guided, Lifting & Working Platforms, Protection Devices
  6. Contracting, Consulting, Engineering: Contracting, Consulting, Engineering