Bengbu Chaoyang Glass Machinery Co., Ltd                          A14

Address            : No. 2629 Shuangdun Road Bengbu City

                          Anhui Province 233000 China

Tel                    : +86 552 332 2096

Fax                   : +86 552 492 3099


Bengbu Chaoyang Glass Machinery Co., Ltd is one of the leading high-tech enterprises in the research, development, manufacture and sale of glass deep processing equipment in China. The company is committed to becoming an international first-class intelligent connection system service manufacturer in glass deep processing industry. It is intelligent manufacturer of laminated glass production line, glass automatic cutting equipment, glass loading and unloading links, intelligent storage system, glass washing machine, photoelectric glass cutting machine and other equipment in China. It provides high-end intelligent equipment to many Business related to glass.


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  1. Machinery: Glass Processing Machine