Qingdao Crystal Clear Glass Co., Ltd                                     A10

Address            : Room 3318-3319,

                          Tower 3 of Excellence Century Center

                          No. 31 Longcheng Road,

                          Qingdao 266000 China

Tel                    : +86 532 8280 3870

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Email                : mike@cristallglass.com

URL                  : www.incrystalclear.com


Crystal clear glass is specialized in manufacture and supply various kinds of glass and mirrors in China, offering extremely wide selection of designs, finishes and glass options, from big size glass sheet to deep-processes glass. We are mainly dedicated to exportation of glass and mirrors throughout the world by safe delivery in the sea or on the land.

We have been currently supplying clear float glass, tinted float glass, reflective glass, pattern glass, mirrors, laminated glass, tempered glass, acid etched glass, insulating glass, Low-E glass, decorative glass, painting glass, louver glass, solar glass etc.


Product Listing:

  1. Glass Products & Applications: Flat Glass (Clear float glass, Tinted float glass, Ultra clear float glass, Reflective float glass), Glass Bricks (Glass block), Other Glasses (Laminated glass, Pattern glass), Refined Glass (Silver mirror, Aluminum Mirror, Safety mirror)       
  2. Façade and Curtain Walls: Glass Curtain Walls (Insulated glass, tempered glass)