Zhengzhou Leader Art Glass Co., Ltd                                     B22

Address            : No. 8-718, Tianming Road,

                          Huiji District, Zhengzhou         

                          450000 China

Tel                    : +86 371 5569 9349


We are professional manufacture of kinds of glass frosting powder, include: High-end Anti-glare glass frosting powder, water-base frosting powder for glassware and float glass, Nitrogen-free frosting powder, etc. Based on that, we also provide the relevant material for glass deep-processing, art glass, high-end Anti-glare glass and technology service accordingly.


Product Listing:

  1. Glass Production/ Production Technique: Cold End Technology for Float Glass, Laminated Glass, Wired Glass & Other Types of Flat Glass, Raw Material for Glass Production
  2. Glass Products & Applications: Technical Processing, Treatment, Finishing Design
  3. Contracting, Consulting, Engineering: Contracting, Consulting, Engineering
  4. Others: Etching Frosting Powder