PT. Bintang Saputra/ Bintang Float Glass                   K05 & K11

Address            : Rukan Kencana Niaga I

                          Blok D1 No. 1B

                          Taman Aries, Meruya Utara

                          Jakarta Barat 11620 Indonesia

Tel                    : +62 21 5855 335

Fax                   : +62 21 5855 326

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Overseas Principal/ Local Agent

Qingdao Jinjing Co., Ltd/ Shandong Jinjing Science & Technology Stock Co., Ltd           

Address            : 201 Jiangshan Bei Road

                          Qingdao Economic & Technical Development Zone

                          Qingdao 266500 China


Taiwan Glass China Holding Ltd

Address            : 261, Section 3 Nanjing E. Rd

                          Songshan District, Taipei City

                          10550 ROC- Taiwan


PT. Bintang Saputra

Born to Sparkle and Shine

PT. Bintang Saputra (BS) offers the widest range of high-quality float glass, patterned glass, specialty glass, mirrors and automotive glass available from a singles expert source.

With our comprehensive product offering and services, largest imported glass warehousing capacity in Indonesia, and can-deliver attitude, we empower customers to do more with glass.

Rooted in the glass business for more than 30 years, BS provides unmatched experience, knowledge and dedicated excellence.

We consistently serves our customers with the high-quality glass products they need, on time. Partnering with the leading float glass manufacturers around the world, we provide highly flexible distribution to glass shops and distributors, window manufacturers, and glass fabricators nationwide.


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  1. Glass Product & Applications: Flat Glass