PT. Bintang Nusantara Mandiri                                   P32

Address            : Green Lake City,

                          Rukan Crown Blok M21 & 22

                          RT 03/14, Petir, Cipondoh,                              

                          Tangerang, Banten 15147 Indonesia

Tel                    : +62 21 2252 0089

Fax                   : +62 21 5431 6039


KLEBERMANN operates of an extremely well-equipped research and development laboratory. Existing products are also continuously improved allowing us to meet the present and future needs on the market.

It is this market-driven concern that makes KLEBERMANN a leading edge supplier of innovative products that meet the needs of automotive enthusiasts, professional technicians and industries alike.

KLEBERMANN occupies a leading position among silicone sealant compounders. KLEBERMANN directs itself exclusively quality. KLEBERMANN offers a complete range of silicone sealants, MS-polymers, hybrid sealants and adhesives.

KLEBERMANN is committed to conducting its business in a manner which protects the environment and the health and safety of employees, customers and the public, worldwide.


Product Listing:

  1. Glass Products & Applications: Automotive Glass, Flat Glass, Glass Bricks
  2. Windows: Aluminium Windows and Doors, Composite of Aluminium and Wood Windows, Steel Windows, UPVC Windows, Wood
  3. Façades and Curtain Walls: Aluminium Curtain Walls
  4. Profile: Aluminium Profile, Composite of Aluminium and Wood Profile, UPVC Profile