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Technoform Edge Bond Solutions Singapore

Chemical Building Products
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In the building industry, Technoform is a global market leader in the field of high precision thermal insulation profiles for aluminium windows, doors and façades, and thermal insulation components for energy efficient insulating glass. With over 50 years of know-how and technical expertise, we have established a reputation for providing high quality solutions that meet stringent requirements globally. We also work closely with developers, architects, consultants to ensure that our solutions are tailored to your specific needs, and are committed to optimising the energy efficiency of your every building project. As a global market leader, Technoform boasts a robust portfolio, with various project references in the region, demonstrating our expertise and experience in the industry.


Worldwide, Technoform is present with more than 45 sales offices and over 1,600 employees. Our global team of passionate people seek to connect with forward-looking and like-minded organizations. Together, we hope to make the world better and more sustainable, one building façade at a time.

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