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Grincoat Company Limited

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Grincoat Company Ltd. was founded in Taiwan in 2003. It is the first manufacturer in Asia to independently produce and sell mirror backing paint, and also the first chemical factory in the world to successfully develop and manufacture epoxy resin mirror backing paint. Grincoat has a team of individuals with profound experience in professional mirror making technical services since 1988. The company is dedicated to the research and development of new products. Amid fierce global competition, the company has actively expanded its research scale, recruited skilled technicians, and maintained good and close cooperation with many companies in Taiwan and the rest of the world to further diversify and internationalize its operations.


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Tel.: +886-8-7553777
Mobile: +886-8-7521333
Website: www.grincoat.com/en


Mirror Backing Paint

Mirror backing paint, a coloured film-forming material, is applied to the surface of silver mirrors to protect the silver layer from being corroded. Its purposes include preventing and delaying corrosion, and electrochemical functions.

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