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Asia Façade & Glass Conference 2024 (Call for Papers)

2024 themes

Glass Façade - Direction on the Openness of Lean Construction Implementation Framework In Vietnam

We'll be exploring how the principles of Lean construction, renowned for its focus on minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency, can be adapted to optimize projects featuring glass facades. This is a unique opportunity to share your knowledge on:

 > Sustainable design strategies for incorporating glass facades while minimizing environmental impact.

 > Adapting Lean principles to streamline the construction process for projects with complex glass facade systems.

 > Optimizing logistics and material management for efficient handling and installation of glass facade components.

By speaking at this conference, you'll be at the forefront of shaping the future of Vietnamese construction. You'll be contributing to the development of best practices for integrating aesthetics, sustainability, and efficiency in Vietnam's rapidly growing architectural landscape.


Regional Trends for Growth and Convergence in ASEAN

We'll delve into the factors shaping prosperity within ASEAN nations, from identifying growth engines in each country to exploring strategies for inclusive development and navigating the digital revolution. By speaking here, you'll join a crucial conversation shaping ASEAN's economic trajectory and contribute to strategies for a future of shared prosperity and regional convergence.

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Asia Façade & Glass Conference 2023

2023 Themes

Climate Change and the Future of Sustainability

The glass industry is an integral part of the built environment and as we progress towards a more sustainable future, the glass industry is also constantly evolving to embrace new eco-friendly practices and technologies.


Ranging from renewable energy sources and glass recycling to new window façade and glass technology, as well as alternative sources of manufacturing, the efforts to reduce carbon emissions by the flat glass industry has grown tremendously as it moves towards the goal of carbon neutrality.


We’ll discuss about the variety of sustainable solutions to combat climate change, how sustainability efforts have changed due to new technology and its impact on the flat glass and facade industry in the region.


Dynamic Glass for Smart Cities

As smart cities continue to grow and evolve, dynamic glass technology has been gaining popularity in recent years as an innovative solution for modern day cities, changing the way we view and interact with our built environment.


With a numerous variety and different applications of active glass technology on the market, we’ll take a look into the benefits of smart glass in the built environment, exciting new ways of integrating interactive glass into building and façade design and how smart glass can also enhance the overall functionality of smart cities. By creating more sustainable, efficient, and interactive urban environments, dynamic glass can help to improve the quality of life for citizens and create more livable and vibrant cities.


Project Development from Asian Countries Related to Glass and Façade

As many architectural development projects have been unfolding in the ASEAN region, we are often left wondering what goes on behind the scenes of these innovative constructions.

Architectural projects often go beyond their surface aesthetics, and these sessions will be offering a window into the unique ideologies and cultural narratives that drives their creation. From the soaring skyscrapers of Hong Kong to the sustainable, eco-friendly designs in Singapore, and the harmonious blend of tradition and modernity in China, the presentations will provide insight into the fusion of innovation, climate responsiveness, and visionary thinking shaping architectural landscapes across the continent.


Programme Schedule


Production Processes of Complex Glass in the Context of Architectural Landmark Projects 

Mr. Andreas Geyer, Managing Director at seele (S) PTE Ltd


Smart Glass Design Transforming Architecture 

Mr. Johannes Kreissig, Managing Director of German Sustainable Building Council


Sustainable Sourcing for Construction Glass

Mr. Panya Tantisuwichwong, Executive Director, AGC Flat Glass (Thailand) Public Company Limited; Vice President of The Glass Manufacturers Industry Club, The Federation of Thai Industries (GMFTI)


Innovation of Smartglass and Facade Design in Mixed-Use Development

Mr. Bunda Pongprot, Associate Partner / Head Integrated Research and Innovations (IRIs), Architects 49 Limited


Exploring the Role of Smart Glass in Fostering Wellbeing within Smart Cities


Dr. Rungroj Wongmahasiri, School of Architecture, King Mongkut Institute of Technology - Ladkrabang (KMITL)

Dr. Atch Sreshthaputra, Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University; Managing Director, Africvs Co., Ltd.



Impact of Climate Change in Flat Glass and Façade Design

Dr. Chakkrit Loengcharoenrat, ACT, ASA, DGNB Studio Director Gensler (Thailand)


Future of Sustainable Facade: Path to Decarbonization

Mr. Amos Seah, General Manager of Technoform Edge Bond Solutions Singapore


Optimizing Building Façade Design: Balancing Heat Gain and Interior Daylight within Reflectance Constraints

Dr. Sarin Pinich, Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University


Sustainable glass processing by LiSEC with All In One Solutions

Mr. Franz Dorninger, HUB Director at Lisec South East Asia Sdn Bhd.


Decarbonisation in Construction Industry


Dr. Kecha Thirakomen, CEO, EEC Engineering Network Co.,ltd.

Dr. Robert Himmler, Managing Director DGNB Auditor EGS-plan (Bangkok) Co., Ltd

Mrs. Bunchusa Putthapornmongkol, Deputy Managing Director, Goldstar Metal Co.,Ltd. Committee Member of the Construction Materials Cluster of The Federation of Thai Industries (FTI)

Mr. Johannes Kreissig, Managing Director of German Sustainable Building Council


BIM for Sustainability Management

Dr. Saratchai Ongprasert, Vice President of Innovative Business, TEAM Consulting Engineering and Management PCL.


Sustainable Solutions to Combat Climate Change


Mr. Thapana Bunyapravitra, Advisor of the Thai Real Estate Association (TREA)

Dr. Chanikarn Yimprayoon - Building Innovation and Technology Department, Kasetsart University; Member of the Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage (ASA)

Mr. Apichart Arepapimolrut, Committee Member of the Thai Aluminum and Glass Fabricators Trade Association (TAGFA)



DfMA Facade Workflow using Free and Opensource Software

Mr. Jack Cruzado, Facade Specialist


Sustainability to All

Prof. Dipl. Ing. Thomas Fritzsche, founder + head of design of tfa | thomas fritzsche architects, Member of the German Chamber of Architects, German Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai and DGNB


Future of Solar and Textured Glass

Mr. Purvish Shah, Hon. Treasurer AIGMF & Director in both Gopal Glass Works Ltd. and Gobind Glass and Industries Ltd.


Nusantara The New Capital of Indonesia

Mr. Fibra Reelianto, Principal Façade Consultant and Chairman of PERAFI, Fresultama Konsultindo Asia


Sustainable Design in Glass Performance

Mr. Aryo Angkoso, Principal Façade Consultant and General Secretary of PERAFI, Meinhardt Façade Technology

Updated as of 19 October 2023, sessions are subjected to change.

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